Top 5 Michael Owen goals for Manchester United

Prime English Footballers Video clip Score: four / 5

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16 Responses to “Top 5 Michael Owen goals for Manchester United”

  1. MrGogglev says:


  2. Alexwkj says:

    He’s the reason why I started watching soccer after the 2002 World Cup. He’s the reason why I support Liverpool. LFC Legend. That move to Madrid spoiled his career…


    He’s only scored about 5

  4. lloydee1983 says:

    Hopefully in the upcoming carling cup matches, he will play

  5. Loggerz23 says:

    he is LEGEND!! he should play more at United….

  6. effikoegberi says:

    michael owen is no normal or ordinary player . . . . .the guy is lyk one ov de best finisher we stil have in de game . . .if onli injuries wud giv him a break

  7. KLRUnlimited says:

    i still reckon he deserves one last call up if he gets the balls threw which wilshere lamps gerrard milner parker can easily do then owen can score when ever he wants
    the only mistake capello has made is not calling him up

  8. browneyedS says:

    did he scored 5 or is it top 5?

  9. EquinoxParadox91 says:


  10. MuikuliWander says:

    Probably lost some of his pace, but still an outstanding finisher.

  11. jperez1910 says:

    Magnificant Owen. This guy is a legend, no one puts in the back of the net like Owen.

  12. AyubJ12345 says:

    One of the greatest finishers EVER!

  13. gtahp says:

    who the fuck is messi??? owen rules

  14. FlumpNuggett says:

    I only watched this cos i didnt believe he had scored 5 goals for United

  15. waggles1989 says:

    Idiots loathe him, those who understand the art of finishing love him. England legend

  16. dsm771 says:

    magic owen!!!! 😀