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  1. Busquets plays most of his passes backwards or sideways, as do 95% of defensive-midfielders for that matter! You hit the nail on the head when you said he can do that well, has it not occured to you that that’s why he’s in the team, to play good simple passes? Backwards, sideways, forwards, who really cares?
    They’re all simple passes, but fans would rather watch Giggs give it way every 3rd pass as long as he makes an assist. Good footballers are efficient, Carrick is, Giggs definitely isn’t.

  2. It’s not all about forcing chances and always going forward. A team that plays good possession football (what Carrick tries to do) will pass in any direction as long as it’s to a teammate and then, when the time is right, and the gaps open, you’ll see a forward pass.

    I find it amazing that fans want us to compete with Barca, play nice football and then in the same breath slate Carrick for playing the simple passes that are ESSENTIAL for playing such a style.

  3. As for him not supposed to be the creative player. That’s a fact man, again, watch ANY Utd game and look at the positions he takes up, he’s a defensive midfielder he operates mainly in his won half and not really past the centre circle in the opponents half.

    As for the sideways and backwards passing. There’s nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t mean it’s negative. A common misconception amongst English fans.

  4. Chris Powell, Carrick’s passing has always been overrated if you ask me, he has an incisive pass in him alright and his vision is good but execution, nah he was never ever on the level of Scholes etc.

    Can’t head? Man, you are talking complete bollocks there. Go watch ANY Utd game from last season and you’ll see Carrick win lots of headers especially at corners, and blocking shots coming in. I can’t believe you actually said that, aeriel ability is one of the strongest areas of his game!!

  5. Gotta love people comparing Crarick to Busquets – what a joke. Also people saying he’s not a creative player & isn’t supposed to be – sorry??! You’re the same people who used to go on about him being a brilliant passer & being able to open up a defence.
    Accept he is so far below what is required of a premier league footballer its scary. He can pass very well if it happens to be sideways or backwards – big whoop. He is weak in the tackle, can’t head and shits himself when opponents are near him.

  6. And you will see more of the same this season. I think the media will actually catch on to it this season and he will get some attention for it. Then some of the “sheep” fans will follow, some will grudgingly accept that he’s okay even though they still can’t see what the hype is about. Try looking at your average modern defensive-midfielder such as Busquets, Wilshere then look at Carrick and tell me he ain’t doing the same thing with less creative players beside him! Then you’ll understand him.

  7. Just goes to show that once an idea gains weight in the football world, media etc, fans will just accept it as truth. fair enough he was bad in the CL final 2009 but none of our players peformed. I would’ve thought Anderson was first for criticism, he was so shit he was subbed after 60+ mins but Carrick was made the scapegoat. Fans need to understand he’s not in the side to create, that’s why you haven’t seen much of it from him. Some say last season was his worst, he actually reinvented himself

  8. @chrispowellchelt

    A defensive-midfielder with no assists and no goals in a season.. Well never..

    He had a few proper midfield displays, v Rangers (A), v Blackburn (H), v Chelsea CL (H), v Chelsea CL (A).. The rest he played as a defensive-midfielder where his job is not to create, it’s to be there for his defence and the man who is put in to create, last season that was Giggs or Scholes..

    Michael Carrick – The most understood player I have seen at Utd.

  9. @chrispowellchelt hahaha yea exactly, his first two seasons he was class, he still has it but he just doesn’t show it enough!

  10. @mikeaprice09 sorry have to disagree about inconsistency. He is one of the most consistent players in the world – consistently shit at football. All last season he consistently managed ZERO assists & ZERO goals. He played well in 3 games towards end of last season & suddenly everyone forgot how dreadful he was. It isn’t an exaggeration, ‘Man On’ as most people at the ground refer to him is so far below the required United standard its sad. Must be blackmailing Fergie 🙁

  11. On his day he’s class.. but he doesn’t have enough days like that. Very inconsistant the past few years (weird because in 06-07 he was brilliant and 07-08 and even 08-09 was first team alot but since has gone down hill)

  12. @djvonvideos consistently awful maybe – he has one very good half (1st against Chelsea in 1st leg of champions league), then plays like a normal professional footballer for the next 3 halves and suddenly everything is forgiven…..!?? When people criticise Carrick it isn’t just insane ramblings – the guy was only a good player at best of his form but ever since the final against Barca 2 years ago he has been dreadful – some games he doesn’t manage more than 5 complete forward passes! dreadful.

  13. @chrispowellchelt

    Carrick hasn’t had the best of seasons for two seasons but I must say that he has been very consistent this season especially the later part of it. I love this guy. one of my favs.

  14. of course you’re delighted to get a new contract – who else gets to perform like a spastic week in and week out and not only not get fired but instead get rewarded for it with a 3 year contract to play for one of the best clubs in the world!? if being bad at football gets you rewarded i deserve a thousand year contract

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