Michael Carrick The Midfield Legend

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25 Responses to “Michael Carrick The Midfield Legend”

  1. Manchester1314 says:

    I think he’s still away from Roy Keane’s abilities. Roy Keane is one of the best midfielders in United (Bobby Charlton, Bryan Robsion and Beckham)

  2. TheRoSaD3lija says:

    He can pass,tackle,head
    Michael Carrick is a red
    Your not fit to wipe his ass

  3. JokerJim007 says:

    im a united fan hes fucking shit you cunts havent got a clue.

  4. Ronaldo147Heaven says:

    @marirami6 no i just understand when i see a good footballer and a shit footballer and carrick is the devils shit!

  5. marirami6 says:

    @Ronaldo147Heaven Hater!

  6. Ronaldo147Heaven says:

    worst footballer ever ! pile of shite !! i hate the cunt

  7. Ronaldo147Heaven says:

    terrible footballer

  8. logybear86 says:


    2 seasons ago he played as a more traditional midfielder, since 2010 he’s been a defensive-midfielder! When you have 2 strikers, 2 wingers, 1 midfielder and possibly 2 full-backs attacking with pace as you say, the team needs somebody to help by those 2 remaining defenders.. We’ve been conceding 20 shots per game and it’s only because of other sides not being clinical enough that we haven’t been punished more. I don’t think you fully understand the defending part of football

  9. logybear86 says:


    Would be good if we could get a more mobile DM in to play alongside Anderson or Cleverley if they continue to impress. We’ve been conceding 20 shots per game as I’m sure fans have noticed. The quick defenders have helped us bigtime but Anderson and Cleverley certainly let a lot of play in behind them. Of course that would never happen with Carrick in there, that’s probably why Fergie took Anderson off for him in the last 20 against Chelsea, they were having way too much of it

  10. logybear86 says:


    He has started poorly indeed and the style we’re playing in the league doesn’t suit him. He will still feature regularly in CL games, his defensive nous is essential for keeping out clever attacking-mids and the game is slower, more tactical, so you will see the best of him there for sure, in away games particularly (4-5-1)

  11. TheWazzaKid says:

    he is crap

  12. chrishan7 says:

    @chrispowellchelt wanker is your job to troll all of carricks videos to bitch and complain useless twat!

  13. tyma8 says:

    osum vid..!!!!!!!!!

  14. miebulu says:

    Ho got package, he got pace and he know to control the game..we still behind u Carrick 🙂

  15. chrispowellchelt says:

    We really have been dreadful this year without Carrick this year haven’t we? All this playing with pace & attacking threat from midfield just won’t do – we need to get Carrick back in there so he can slow it down & maybe keep his pass completion rate up with some awesome 3 foot sideways or backward passes.

    He is fucking useless, 2 seasons ago his defenders were saying he was best passer at club then last season he got ZERO assists & goals – then they say that’s not his game – waste of space.

  16. TheSkatman101 says:

    He is awful

  17. UnclePiggy612 says:

    worst player united ever signed.Waste of money

  18. MyXD23 says:

    He ‘s good.
    But not a Legend

  19. CrisWilson9 says:

    haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahaaahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa WOW

  20. 0plmki76 says:

    one of the greatest mid players in the world

  21. fuenlath says:

    Legend ??????? carrick, united legend????? hahahahahahaha, Fuck off Michael carrick, learn to play and carry the weight of midfield is probably the most overrated player in the United.

  22. smeyers3 says:

    Look at rooneys goal vs Chelsea then, where he passes to Giggs on the left side.
    if thats not a decisive pass, i dont know what is.

  23. Hazzabazza951 says:

    He’s a good player, but he doesn’t make the decisive, game changing pass often enough, I’m happy with getting someone like diarra in, for the right price of course, because you know what your getting from him and play luka alongside him, plus that gives luka more license to support the front two.

  24. Chris95H says:

    @poomzeed Jealous of him? FUCK OFF YEH?

  25. poomzeed says:

    @Chris95H YOU SUCK CUNT