25 thoughts on “Theo Walcott

  1. what the fack is up with all the rewind effects , just show the damn clips damnit!

  2. This video is from 2006, which explains everything.
    The kid is overrated. Does nothing with the ball, just runs like a cheetah

  3. english manager not let him play world cup?
    This destroy change to be champion of team….
    He have to be fire to responsible result.

  4. @smvc1533 what is wrong with you, only people with sight problems support tottenham, and lennon is slower not good ball control, if he is so good why dosent he play for a better club?

  5. walcott es el futuro del futbol sin duda puede que sea algo irregular pero cuando juega lo compensa el futo es THEO WALCOTT ¡¡

  6. @biggbossdawg I agree, if they played Walcott play in his proper position as a forward arsenal would score much more goals and win many more championships.

  7. Right, all you idiots slating Walcott, what more do you want from him??? He’s scored 11 times for us this season, 7 in the league, there aren’t many midfielders with a better return in the league so far, and he’s effectively being played in a position he doesn’t want to. The English media may have created too much hype over him, and Sven made things even worse, but he’s been one of the best players in the prem on the wing this season, easily! Anyone that says otherwise is delusional!

  8. @VChapaev are you kidding??? haha he is a great player. plus he young so he has room to improve. you are right….he does run fast. he rarely has to show his ball skills against people because he beats them with such ease.

  9. @TheYunkz Walcott is a joke. All he does is run fast. He has no dribbling or crossing skills. Makes stupid decisions on the pitch with passing, etc.

    Let’s see the little cunt outrun Alves or Maxwell next week, if he even gets the start.

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