frank lampard top 10 goals

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26 Responses to “frank lampard top 10 goals”

  1. diegaaso13 says:

    thanks for the picture quality!!!

  2. dasefx76 says:

    played against lamps in a frienly in 1998. he still owes me 50 p for a can of coke. lol

  3. theannoyingdevil100 says:

    @majoris125 “bring me to life” by evanescence

  4. theannoyingdevil100 says:

    great player. YNWA.

  5. kluivertq8 says:

    hi guys .. 2005 Gerrard with champions league winner ..
    he was third after Lampard in Ballon d’or.
    thats 1st,,
    2nd ..Lampard 2005 he was 2nd Fifa best player after Ronaldiho .. no Gurrard in list .
    i respect Gerrard guys..but Lampard little better .. Love them Both .
    Whether or not we are satisfied , they R bothlegends .

  6. majoris125 says:

    hey please anyone tell me this song name

  7. lastborn89 says:

    Lampard and Chelsea r beast

  8. OverTheOwl says:

    Let’s just say lampard and gerrard are both great mid feilders. Lampard has a better curve while gerrard has more power. Lampard does have better stats but gerrard also doesn’t have the team lampard has. Lampard takes chances without thinking while gerrad thinks about the opportunity and then executes. I couldn’t say personally who I think is better. I DONT HATE ON PLAYERS THAT ARE GOOD

  9. WiseyChelsLegend says:

    Frankie may have little pace, technique, or dribbling, but how he SMACKS it, it’s unbelievable. Surely a Chels legend by now!

  10. vampirewar1002 says:

    Lampard>about a dozen midfielders>Gerrard

  11. gavelion says:

    Only Lampard can do a Geoff Hurst during the World Cup, that’s why he’s better.

  12. gavelion says:

    Ah I remember the wonder goal against Barcelona, woke my neighbours up celebrating that.

  13. ASBsweet says:

    And stats only mean something when each player has exactly the same role to play. Which they don’t.

  14. ASBsweet says:

    @dillonredfern Lampard has won more trophies. That’s because he has played for a better team during the last few years ( until now ). This is just my opinion but Gerrard has more strength, better tackler, quicker, ALOT more versatile, more of a leader, drives the team forward, achieves the impossible, more consistent, better range of passing, slightly better vision, slightly better shooting ability. You know who the better player is, your just struggling to admit it!

  15. dillonredfern says:


    just going to bring some stats into the equations.
    Lampard: 139 goals in the premier league
    Gerrard: 84…
    Lampard Assists: 85
    Gerrard: 76
    Lampard has more trophys hmmmm stats dont lie mate

  16. ASBsweet says:

    Chelsea fans are the only people who rate Lampard better than Gerrard! I’m sorry buts it’s not even close! Someone please explain to me why they would say Lampard is better? Come on, let’s av it!

  17. stathisprengas says:


  18. angryant1220 says:

    @Chelseafan4life1 gerrad has taken a more defensive role in recent seasons, so he doesn’t get foward as much. gerrard has a much more powerful shot, and is alot better defensivley, and is better positionally than lampard who just fucking goes up field every time. lampard has a better team around him to help, yet gerrard carries his team on his own. i mean, just look at captain liverpools top 10, its fucking class and tbh makes lampard look like a cunt.

  19. MelomanPF says:

    If i would had a dollar for every single pixel in this video. I would have 1 dollar. ­čÖé

  20. Chelseafan4life1 says:

    @angryant1220 Lampard 140 premier league goals and 85 premier league assists, Gerrard only 84 premier league goals and he’s injured again.

  21. angryant1220 says:

    gerrard is stronger

  22. ASBsweet says:

    Not a touch on GERRARD!

  23. DJconteh says:


  24. maximusmagnanimus100 says:

    Se desempe├▒a como centrocampista y actualmente milita en el Chelsea F. C. de la Premier League de Inglaterra. Ha disputado 509 partidos con el Chelsea y ha convertido 170 goles, siendo el centrocampista con mayor cantidad de goles anotados en la historia del club. Es considerado uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo.6 7 8 9

  25. nooneknow666 says:

    Fat and Shit

  26. Obertan says:

    Obertan plays for Newcastle