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  1. Carrick is my favourite player beside Scholes. I do not want to see the day he retires:((. Thank you for your very nice video!

  2. This is a great video. It shows how little things like this are actually important. Props to you my friend.

  3. Michael Carrick is a good player in his own right no doubt.

    It’s just disappointing to know that he was supposed to be the replacement for Roy Keane, and to know that he doesn’t even have half the influence Roy had when he was on the pitch. Carrick’s fairly clumsy in big games, and we can’t really afford that.

  4. @chrispowellchelt So how did we win the title with him in the team most of the time? Just because he isn’t scoring goals you probably think he is shit. He keeps the ball moving and gives it to the players that make things happen.
    Some of you people don’t know anything about football

  5. @chrispowellchelt So how did we win the title with him in the team most of the time? Just because he isn’t scoring goals you probably think he is shit. He keeps the ball moving and gives it to the players that make things happen.

  6. @chrispowellchelt ah haters gonna hate, right. I think it would be useless to count there other of his proper games of latter season cause you people are adamant in your idiosyncrasy for Carrick. And I always thought the whole “the Emperor’s New Clothes” argument is somewhat useless in any discussion cause really, it could only indicates none other than inferiority complex of a person who uses it

  7. And he makes plenty of tackles during games, he just doesn’t go in hard because believe it or not he only wants to take the ball, stay on his feet and then distribute it to others. People just love a smashing tackle though, don’t they? As if anything other than getting the ball back matters!

    I don’t agree that he will play more of a centre-mid role next season now that the Ginger Prince has retired. Fergie knows he has found his best position, there’s very little chance he’ll change it back.

  8. Yeah good thing he hasn’t been relevant for the past 4 years. So old and washed up. Wasn’t even a good player in his prime.

  9. This video just gave me new hope in Carrick ahead of next season. I have been bothered that he is so far passed his best, failing to remember that this DM position SAF ha put him in is new to him&though his form has dipped a lot, maybe next season will see improvements cause he will probably take up a more central midfield role to replace Scholes. If only Fletcher could get fit now&I think we might have a working solution.

  10. This video is brilliant – uses a whole 3 games worth & they happen to be only 3 games where Michael Carrick wasn’t a complete mongoloid all of the last 2 seasons. Tapping the ball 3 yards to a teammate definitely proves he is amazing.
    The whole Carrick thing is like the Emperor’s New Clothes, everyone can see he’s useless but cos some pundits say he’s good everyone else seems to go ‘oh i must be wrong cos i thought they’d let particularly bad at football monkey on the pitch from what i saw!’

  11. Brilliant video, really annoys me that the people who say Carrick is shit as he doesn’t score goals. That’s a load of crap because he was in the team most of the time that won us the league! He keeps the ball moving and it is a pleasure to watch him do all the simple passing and look so relaxed!

  12. @LionelxMessix yep, bar being very talented actor 😉

    Busquets is a fine player though, big pleasure to watch, so intelligent

  13. Everyone goes a bit crazy when Carrick makes a mistake but that’s only because of the area he operates in. It’s far more noticable and can lead to goals for opposition. In reality, he makes less mistakes than everyone bar VDS, Vidic, Ferdinand and Berbatov who all play simple games too. The further back you go, the more important it is for players to keep it simple. People say he doesn’t tackle enough but he makes so many interceptions, which show he actually “reads the game”.. Intelligence.

  14. Good stuff posting this video, Could’ve used some highlights from the Rangers away performance too, was very good, more of a midfield maestro performance but still, his ball retention was class. 90% of Man Utd fans seem to think he’s the biggest problem for our midfield. This is one of the times where the other 10% are right. Put Modric beside him and we have a top 2-man midfield with good clean footballers..

  15. He can pass, tackle, head, Michael Carrick is a Red,
    Lampard, Gerrard, Fabregas, you’re not fit to wipe his arse!

  16. @naqqib86 You mean Lampard could be the Carrick of Chelsea, too bad he is 32. If Carrick had an -inho at the end of his name people would heaping praise on him.

  17. @shiftlocknshout I disagree – 2 other people made crucial mistakes against Bayern in that tie – Neville and Evra (1st leg). As for the FA Cup, he made a mistake but so did Berba and Rooney (for getting himself banned) – and let’s not forget that that was a team which wasn’t too familiar with one another (plus some of them were tired from so many fixtures)

  18. @PrideOfMancunia yep i remember this well. still, this video isn’t about his passing, it’s about defensive part of his game

  19. CANT BELIVE you missed out the sexy pass to Giggs for Rooney’s goal at the Bridge!! The cross-field ball, the vision and execution was perfection

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