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  1. @iiBECKz you are not wrong, I still remember when he single handedly beat Arsenal to win the FA Cup. Only time I ever heard Liverpool fans sing There’s only one Michael Owen!! Its sad of the fickle nature of a football fan. Owen has never played for a Team I support (other than England) but I appreciate talent, and Owen is a good role model too, never involved in any scandals on or off the field, (unless you class his interest horse racing as a scandal, which the NOTW did at the time)

  2. @slightlymad22 i agree! liverpool fans seems to give him stick but there forgetting he was easily one of there best strikers they have ever had up there with fowler and rush! The only thing wrong with him is his fitness/injuries etc. A natural goalscorer never loses his eye for goal. Id say in and around the box, hes one of the sharpest in the premiership and thats a fact!

  3. Owen gets a lot of unfair stick. Should be in the England Squad now. He is better finisher than anyone else…and that includes Rooney

  4. i can understand liverpool fans disliking this guy, although the good times he had with them were his best. but he gets a lot of unfair stick outside mersyside, from england fans too. thing is 218 club level goals, and 40 for england is an incredible turnout. even with all the injurys he’s had from even a young age (remember hamstring, leeds 1999). thing is darren bent for england dosen’t have the same ring to it. love or hate him, owen has been good and one of a kind.

  5. He looks so different! only his voice is still the same… too bad his move from Liverpool killed him

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