Theo Walcott- Goals,Speed and Skill

Best English Footballers Video clip Rating: four / 5

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30 Responses to “Theo Walcott- Goals,Speed and Skill”

  1. CH33KYiZninj4 says:

    if i was like any player it would be him, pace to burn haha

  2. mrandreas980 says:

    Nice VΓ―deo

  3. bbguy17 says:

    If he can work on his finishing, and Wenger puts him on the left so that it’s easier to shoot with his right foot, he could really score a spectacular amount of goals.

  4. beckham9018 says:

    Good video man!

  5. linarenses7 says:


  6. hash190 says:

    Walcotts shit no football brain

  7. olimillz9 says:

    “Too much pace for Barcelona to handle” makes the hairs on the back of ur neck stick up

    Theo!! Theo!! Theo!!

  8. Marth5555 says:

    “too much pace for barcelona to handle” gonna remember that :).

  9. EnzoCheLatino says:

    Walcott- speed, speed and speed.

  10. nobby5493 says:

    and we didnt take him to the world cup :S

  11. AlbyPonte says:


  12. Kevster21 says:

    welcome to chelsea

  13. Aettanz says:

    Your editing sucks, it’s just annoying

  14. grottoruin says:

    great video, great player

  15. BlobBlobBlah says:

    hate the blur effects.

  16. parkjisung00013 says:

    why make blurry video?too much effects..cant even see the number of the players… =.=

  17. xXVNVXx15 says:

    where did he go he whent of

  18. XbabyshakesX says:

    1:53 = amazing!

  19. CR7IS4LYF says:

    great vid bro πŸ™‚

  20. yesimthtguy says:

    @KukmenSVK song 2 by blur (vengeance remix) its in the description πŸ˜›

  21. KukmenSVK says:

    Nice video…pls song name πŸ™‚ THX πŸ™‚

  22. yesimthtguy says:

    @hondax1337 thanks:)

  23. hondax1337 says:

    this video was awesome great timing on commentators and song choice and of course theo and his spotlight

  24. tariczek says:

    1:39 perfect !

  25. yesimthtguy says:

    @Gazzza1112 agree..we’re a different team with him

  26. Figo says:

    Time for Batistuta to return

  27. Donovan says:

    It’s lost on me?

  28. Bulgaria’s player of the year