25 thoughts on “Chelsea Frank Lampard, David Luiz and Fernando Torres interview 2011

  1. Keep that simple David Luiz <3

    We miss you on Benfica :3

    But we will never forget the best central defense in the world :')

  2. hhhhhh LOL i cant stop laughing when i look at luiz nodding his head and i really like that sound he made in 2:50 LOL

  3. I love how Luiz actually made a deal with the interviewer for this. That he “agrees” to everything was planned, you know :p Hilarious!

  4. 0:49 LMAO!
    So funny when David Luiz taps Lampard and starts nodding, and Lampards like “Wtf?”

  5. Luiz is fucking hilarious, you should see some of his other interviews too, he’s always like this, I think the only English he knows is ‘yes’ and ‘Chelsea’! AHAHAHA.
    Tbh, I don’t know what other words you’d ever need? 😉

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