England vs Argentina – Michael Owen Show

Best English Footballers Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “England vs Argentina – Michael Owen Show”

  1. CiaoBello21 says:

    Man, this friendly felt like it was the WC.

  2. gusnewey76 says:

    1:03 goal celebration justwhacks old mate in the face

  3. aidy93gib says:

    the best friendly i have ever watched 🙂

  4. MrTopikoo says:

    capello dont know nothing about england football….please la…..select owen again………

  5. LUFC98 says:

    The best ‘friendly’ I’ve ever seen. Probably the best England match I’ve seen, at least for a while!

  6. ultrAslan133 says:

    1:31 WTF Joe does?

  7. maximusmagnanimus100 says:

    Gran partido de Michael Owen ante Argentina. Gran Partido de Argentina.
    Great game Michael Owen against Argentina. Big Game in Argentina.

  8. NightDragon04 says:

    argentina is awesome

  9. Kaaybeee says:

    @thomasfk09 – that was the old Joe Cole, he did plenty of that at Chelsea.

  10. thomasfk09 says:

    Anyone else notice Joe Cole’s wonderful footwork at 1:31 to put in the cross? Wish he would do that in a Liverpool jersey…

  11. racewalkingrules says:

    @utdfortreble whatever its official name, a game between england and argentina is NEVER going to be ‘friendly’. *facepalm*

  12. racewalkingrules says:

    fucking sublime cross from gerrard there for the equaliser

  13. ToOtinc says:

    england dnt have a game winner like owen anymore, players care more bout other things than playing for england, bring back owen!!!

  14. rabbilsikdar says:

    Owen showed more loyalty to England than Liverpool.

  15. A55211 says:

    the comentator is gay

  16. Tr33fiddy says:

    [whisper]I miss Sven[/whisper]

  17. 11Gibb11 says:

    probably the most entertaining friendly game iv seen

  18. oneill250 says:

    @2pacandbig4life England never…. Capello did….

  19. hofsteveO says:


  20. SHlTTER says:

    @oneill250 shut up fag

  21. oneill250 says:

    @SHlTTER Argentina 98 world cup, obviously none of the two goals scored were goal of the century so why even ask? use some common sense…

  22. JCORONADO77 says:

    Owen 2 argentina 0 jajajaja el papa de los argentinos en todos lo spartidos que ha jugado estas dos selecciones siempre a marcado gol MICHAEL OWEN

  23. rockingrugger says:

    Why has Mr. 40 goals been forgotten? Give him a chance you bespectacled italian twat!

  24. XandaFlanda says:

    shame this was a friendly and ditn mean FUCK ALL!

  25. ASWrestling101 says:

    @SHlTTER No it was his one against Argentina in the 98 world cup