25 thoughts on “England vs Argentina – Michael Owen Show

  1. capello dont know nothing about england football….please la…..select owen again………

  2. The best ‘friendly’ I’ve ever seen. Probably the best England match I’ve seen, at least for a while!

  3. Gran partido de Michael Owen ante Argentina. Gran Partido de Argentina.
    Great game Michael Owen against Argentina. Big Game in Argentina.

  4. Anyone else notice Joe Cole’s wonderful footwork at 1:31 to put in the cross? Wish he would do that in a Liverpool jersey…

  5. @utdfortreble whatever its official name, a game between england and argentina is NEVER going to be ‘friendly’. *facepalm*

  6. england dnt have a game winner like owen anymore, players care more bout other things than playing for england, bring back owen!!!

  7. @SHlTTER Argentina 98 world cup, obviously none of the two goals scored were goal of the century so why even ask? use some common sense…

  8. Owen 2 argentina 0 jajajaja el papa de los argentinos en todos lo spartidos que ha jugado estas dos selecciones siempre a marcado gol MICHAEL OWEN

  9. Why has Mr. 40 goals been forgotten? Give him a chance you bespectacled italian twat!

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