Rodwell Hoping to Revive Career under David Moyes

Jack Rodwell was once regarded as the best young English talent and it was not surprising to see him linked with clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City quite heavily.

Everton resisted any interest from these clubs when David Moyes was their manager. However, it was becoming increasingly apparent that they would not be able to hold on to the highly rated English talent for a long. After a lot of persistence from City, Rodwell made the move to the Etihad stadium even though he was about that first-team football would be a lot tougher than at Goodison Park.

Competition for places was extremely intense at City and they had the ability to bring in a new player for each position almost every summer. This coupled with the player’s own injury problems meant that he was able to make only 25 appearances in his two seasons with City. The club were aware of his injury problems that started to appear during the 2011-12 campaign. Even though they took a gamble, they were not rewarded and Rodwell left for Sunderland in order to revive his career. Now, the player is hoping to do exactly the same after being reunited with David Moyes.
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Rodwell Set To Transfer Out From Sunderland

We often do not realize the psychological impact that injuries on the field can affect certain players.

We often hear about the injuries that players have suffered on the field and take in the news without batting an eyelid. However, one such instance where repeated injuries had a prolonged effect on a player is Jack Rodwell. He is a player of great caliber, known to have played several league games and had also been considered to be skipper of England’s team. Today Jack is yet to get back to form since the several injuries he suffered has caused a mental setback in him. This has happened since the time he joined up Sunderland.

Rodwell came to Sunderland from 2014 before which he has played for teams like Everton after which he was with Manchester City. Sam Allardyce stated that Jack has been plagued with injuries from the time he started to play for Sunderland. The team has been supportive so that Jack can overcome the pain and the trauma of the injuries and be back in form on the playing field. There had been instances when he had to take up 50 injections for different injuries he sustained within a span of 5 days. Read more »

Jack Rodwell Becomes An Asset For His Team

Most football players suffer several injuries on the field, but many often overlook the impact of the same on their mental state and confidence levels when they get back to playing.

ndeed, some injuries can be so difficult to recover from that they rob the players of their confidence to get back to playing their best on the football field. Jack Rodwell has been able to overcome such a problem and that is commendable for sure.

As he is one of the players who are currently playing the major league games, it is time to look back and see the obstacles he had to overcome in order to get back to an international playing front. Jack Rodwell had been plagued with several injuries since he signed up for the Sunderland team. Read more »

Jack Rodwell is eager to represent England at the international stage

Jack Rodwell wants to get back with the England national football team and get consistent playing time.

The 25 year old English midfielder dropped down from the pecking order of the national side but he wants to get it back, this will be a very difficult dream to accomplish for Jack Rodwell as he is not even a regular starter for Sunderland.

Sunderland is a relegation threatened club and Jack Rodwell has not managed to secure a starting role spot of the Premier League club. Injuries is something that has seriously affected the playing career of Jack Rodwell as he has missed out from a number of matches for Sunderland but even when he is fully fit, Rodwell has had to settle with a place on the sidelines for the majority of the season.

Even though Rodwell is not going through the best of times from his playing career, the English midfielder is confident that he will get back to his best and recover his spot in the England national football team.

Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell said: “Since January I’ve been completely fine. I’ve hardly missed a session and am feeling fit. In the last three years, this has been my biggest run where I have not been injured.’’ Read more »


Sunderland boss, Sam Allardyce has admitted that Jack Rodwell deserved a chance in the match against West Bromwich Albion in the English Premiership League. Rodwell played well in all three previous matches for the club prior to the West Brom game but was an unused substitute in the match.

The 25-year old midfielder was dropped for Lee Cattermole who returned as captain of the team despite being missing in action for some time. Allardyce said he faced a tough decision and agreed it would have been disappointing for the young player.

“It was a very tough decision. Jack’s had his best run of performances probably since he joined the club but, for me, Catts just provided that energy that drives on the rest of the team. It was the first time I’ve taken a player out of the side who didn’t deserved to be out the side,” Sam told reporters. Read more »

Injuries are hampering Jack Rodwell’s progression

Jack Rodwell joined Sunderland on August of 2014 but the time that he has spent in the Stadium of Light has been a disappointing one as the English midfielder has struggled trying to get consistent playing time and this is mostly due to the vast amount of injuries that he continues on picking up.

There was a point in time when Rodwell was hailed as one of the brightest players to have emerged from the youth academy of Everton but a string of successive injuries have forced him to stay out of the playing ground for a significantly long period of time.

Sam Allardyce needs all the help he can get in order to push Sunderland above the relegation zone. The Premier League club has been struggling trying to collect victories at a steady level and is currently located in the 19th spot after only being able to win 5 matches from their opening 22 games.

Unfortunately for Rodwell, he has not been able to make a significant impact and help out Sunderland in their journey of escaping the bottom drop zone.

The English midfielder recently made his way to Germany as he visited the former Bayern Munich doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wolhlfahrt as Rodwell was trying to find out why exactly is he sustaining so many physical issues but things haven’t been improving much as injuries is something that has always troubled Rodwell and it has seriously affecting his growth as a professional player.

There is no club in the world that is willing to offload money in a player who is consistently getting injured. Read more »