Theo Walcott – Super Speed ||HD||

Top English Footballers Movie Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Theo Walcott – Super Speed ||HD||”

  1. Fitness For Life 365 says:

    Walcott has great speed but Valencia is the fastest football player in the

  2. 6.eggs. says:

    who fast does he do the 100m?

  3. Muraabit says:

    Too bad he’ll miss the world cup 14. I hope he retains his acceleration and
    speed once he recovers from his ACL injury.

  4. UltimateArsenalGamer says:

    walcott is totally faster than ronaldo and bale

  5. Santi Haryantina says:

    walcott ….walcott…. one of my favourite football player, he is not just
    good player but good man too

  6. H8erade9 says:

    Walcott is the most versatile player England have if they make the same
    mistake and leave him off of the 2014 WC roster then they definitely wont
    get past the group stage. He was the most productive player in the
    premiership last season per/min.

  7. ZolaMagic25 says:

    Funny how the video clips stop as soon as Walcott gets to the goal…

    You can always count on him to make the wrong decision.

  8. Dean Williams says:

    is he faster than dennis rommedahl(cant spell it) was?

  9. David Da Silva says:

    Theo have an Crazy Speed… AMAZING

  10. MrGulias97 says:

    TU ERES TONTO!! como va a ser roberto carlos mas rapido que walcott? por
    dios mirate algunos patidos antes de hablar porfavor

  11. Eugene Petit says:

    We desperately miss Theo

  12. quyen dangthihong says:

    Theo runs nearly as fast as Usain Bolt, Not mean I love him for that,i love
    his personality.I love ARSENAL for the simple reason I love THEO…

  13. wengersaphorism says:

    Not my fault hes a one trick dog!

  14. SirEdwardSansi says:

    Roberto Carlos Fue mucho mas rápido ademas tenia mucha mas pegada.

  15. Wisnu Aji says:

    I can guess that real madrid will buy it

  16. Receon555 says:

    Static Revenger & Richard Vission ft. LUCIANA ‘I Like That

  17. ahmed abdalla says:

    waaw i like the super speed in liverpool when hes run like moto GB waaaaw

  18. offlynx ofnya says:

    fuck wallcot , carlos best

  19. Nelson Mandela says:

    shut up you cunt …seems you are thinking through your a**

  20. CHARis MATiC says:

    hahahhahahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahah LOL , even Alves (The real brazilian
    Alves) is faster than him , he is fat , even when he was in his top form ,

  21. Afaga Batah says:

    El Ferrari

  22. FastBack907 says:

    Barça and their footballers too boring.

  23. rumbadjemba says:

    not true, its marvell wynne

  24. Receon555 says:

    I like that

  25. get money says:

    welcome to liverpool