Arsenal 3 West Ham 1 – Bully Can’t Believe that Theo Walcott Scored A Header –

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25 Responses to “Arsenal 3 West Ham 1 – Bully Can’t Believe that Theo Walcott Scored A Header –”

  1. ArsenalFanTV says:

    Bully Can’t Believe that Theo Walcott Scored A Header. #Arsenal #AFCvWHU
    #COYG #Goonerfamily

  2. Taiwo Henry Olajide says:

    LOOOOOL @ a bit of a dodgy Christmas present

  3. lewis s says:

    When podolski scored I saw bully on the first row!!!

  4. the arsenal says:

    BULLY !!! Love this guy 

  5. Des Lee says:


  6. John Scott says:

    I’m pretty certain this guy is a hardcore porn star.


    Bully looks like he smells of tobacco. Still hes at every game so bless

  8. Ross Cowell says:

    Someone please give that annoying ladyboy in the background a punch,
    fucking hell.

  9. Olugbenga Olumide. Akanji says:

    In big games you’ll be punished for such ridiculous misses. Even for
    Newcastle such chances must not be taken lightly. All the same I feel
    Giroud is not a perfect finisher, he seems to be a supporting striker,
    haven discovered his so many missed chances, but today with an assistant he
    proved incredible. Not undermining his credentials. He’s a fantastic ball

  10. Football Blogging Awards says:

    Bully = Legend

  11. James Horton says:

    Bully you are a true legend mate. Happy NY all the best. Same to all

  12. Arcturus Dunhelm says:

    ..I can’t believe it, a Bully video without one comment about the referee!!

  13. GRsweetscience says:

    I really wanna punch that guy in the face ay lol sorry for the negative
    comment but man he’s pissing me off

  14. RonPaulSwede says:

    @DanRandall Me too!

  15. Sam Pauli says:

    Thumbs up if you’ve seen Bully in that advert for Dryathlon, congratulating
    that guy on getting a pint of lime and soda :D

  16. Brian Amphlett says:

    that guy in the background thinks he’s famous 

  17. MagnificentLoL says:

    Is it just me, or am I the only one hating everyone trying to get their
    face on the camera? I understand, you are an Arsenal supporter, but stop

  18. MrFootyAce says:

    Saw bully on the telly! Legend!

  19. Moses Ayeni says:

    I like the way bully talks, I always anticipate his comments 

  20. VANITY80 says:

    Didn’t know Manny Pacquiao was a gooner :)

  21. Demian Haki says:

    A whole video without Bully mentioning the referee. :-D

  22. Esteem says:

    Who Else Saw Bully On The BT Sports Cameras As Arsenal Took The Corner?

  23. DeceasedHerobrine says:

    we should make a bully compilation of him in the crowd whenever we score

  24. Dan Randall says:

    Saw Bully on TV when Podolski scored.

  25. Stevie Jopling says: