25 thoughts on “Arsenal 3 West Ham 1 – Bully Can’t Believe that Theo Walcott Scored A Header – ArsenalFanTV.com

  1. Bully Can’t Believe that Theo Walcott Scored A Header. #Arsenal #AFCvWHU
    #COYG #Goonerfamily

  2. In big games you’ll be punished for such ridiculous misses. Even for
    Newcastle such chances must not be taken lightly. All the same I feel
    Giroud is not a perfect finisher, he seems to be a supporting striker,
    haven discovered his so many missed chances, but today with an assistant he
    proved incredible. Not undermining his credentials. He’s a fantastic ball

  3. Bully you are a true legend mate. Happy NY all the best. Same to all

  4. I really wanna punch that guy in the face ay lol sorry for the negative
    comment but man he’s pissing me off

  5. Thumbs up if you’ve seen Bully in that advert for Dryathlon, congratulating
    that guy on getting a pint of lime and soda :D

  6. Is it just me, or am I the only one hating everyone trying to get their
    face on the camera? I understand, you are an Arsenal supporter, but stop

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