Theo Walcott – Future Hero – HD

Top rated English Footballers Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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26 Responses to “Theo Walcott – Future Hero – HD”

  1. bombman17 says:

    very nice vid

  2. ForcePwn says:

    Skillet – Hero

  3. PSVMatthijs1913 says:

    great video keep working on more!!

  4. imee97 says:

    @TheBranVideo it sucks

  5. TheHoonko says:

    the way he played during world tour. i able to see henry’s face on his face.

  6. SirErjon1 says:

    Gunner Till I Die

  7. antislavista7 says:

    song please?:-)

  8. htirah100 says:

    i got goosebumps O_O I CANT FEEL MY HAND!!

  9. arsenalfan2800 says:

    good video but it needs comentary.

  10. EnzoCheLatino says:

    Only the english thought this kid was going to be good, he got way to much hype, i never though he was going to be better than what he is now.

  11. antislavista7 says:

    He is HERO now..

  12. MrImbecilio says:

    @TheBranVideo i am kidding dude XD

  13. TheBranVideo says:

    @MrImbecilio how do u know ??? you havnt even seen it .

  14. MrImbecilio says:

    @TheBranVideo nah mine is the best with this music 😀

  15. indras100 says:

    Hahahaha!!!!, future hero. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. TheBranVideo says:

    @37arsenal barclays prem league 🙂

  17. 37arsenal says:

    @TheBranVideo Clips came from a Sky sports comp and Soccerclips, what vid u working on mate??

  18. TheBranVideo says:

    some of the clips looks very familiar . But nice video . making a video using this song too LOL

  19. faika004 says:

    Bhaloi korechho……

  20. faika004 says:


  21. JuanIDK says:

    Oh, good work Aidy. Nice video, man.
    Totally agree, I think he is going to be a hero. Wilshere too.
    Theo is going to be a champion, when he is fit, nothing can stop him.
    We love Theo, adorable guy!

  22. CescFabregas404 says:

    brilliant video

  23. akihamid1 says:

    if theo stays away from injuries he could easily produce a quality impact for us week in and out…great video

  24. 10simomessiHD says:

    great vid friend please watch and coment my video

  25. footballVSvids says:

    people need to realise that this guy is only 21 ?
    this guy has a BRIGHT future in front of him , but shouldnt only rely on pace
    Great vid mate 😉