Sport Relief: Frank Lampard In Outnumbered Special

Best English Footballers Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Sport Relief: Frank Lampard In Outnumbered Special”

  1. michael DARE says:

    @d_click_music on twitter

  2. 7ismvp says:

    huge liverpool fan here, but lampard is a great player and a good person

  3. Norbert Galek says:


  4. damienreturns says:


  5. LordBanana11 says:

    Woo it’s against Aston Villa. 3-1

  6. Sean Todd says:

    When frank retires, he should become a pundit.

  7. videomaster283 says:


  8. BINSROCK says:

    It’s hardly a big game it’s bloody Aston Villa.

  9. TheMattew777 says:

    I dont know why but i would love to have a daughter like that.

  10. showmethemoney1975 says:

    An incredibly intelligent man too by all accounts. No just clever, but really seriously clever. Sticks out like a sore thumb around other footballers apparently.

    Don’t have much time for the Chavs,but Lamps is different. Like him a lot.

  11. AnT GranT says:

    3:44 Ladies and Gentelman….thats the reasson i LOVE Frank Lampard cuz he’s passiont in the game but in real life too…..cuz i WOLD FUCKING “SHOOT” that Mascot 😛 LOOOOOOL

  12. Aaron Garnett says:

    Howard Webb mascot

  13. AceShot28 says:

    Punches the fourth official lmao

  14. MrChelzi says:

    You should have asked him why he sucks sir alex’s dick so much.

  15. MrChelzi says:

    Is it bosingwa behind lampsy? LOL

  16. selzieewelzie99 says:

    that girl is pissing him off big time. lol

  17. MegaMaggot123 says:

    Footballz much harder than netball lolzzzz epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Owen99GT says:

    I’ve met Howard Webb 😀

  19. Sabrina Lau says:

    “Football’s much harder than netball.” :D

  20. Arjun Khatiwada says:

    ha howard webbs face at the end

  21. Nathanuel Emmings says:


  22. AbisoAde11 says:

    picks me up everyday! Poor Frank…. had no chance

  23. TheKebabzz says:

    typical howard webb

  24. Chelsea2012goals says:

    We know what we are,
    We know what we are,
    Champions of Europe,
    We know what we are!