It’s Carrick, you know, hard to believe its not Scholes

Best English Footballers Video Ranking: four / five

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23 Responses to “It’s Carrick, you know, hard to believe its not Scholes”

  1. WazabiTerrorist says:

    That is a good camera

  2. reality851 says:

    What are they chanting in the beginning of the video?

  3. Walsall FC says:

    any team that has man utd as the awa team should fucking hate them, youre a shit fan.

  4. Declan Robinson says:

    Leeds can suk my talliwaker LEEDS SCUM

  5. Adam McShane says:

    Haha liverpool fan but good vid

  6. LastBlastGaming says:

    We Love Leeds WE DO! WE love leeds WE DO! OH WE LOVE LEEDS WE LOVE YOU!

  7. adam hamlin says:

    You should support the team that has a player with the same last name as you.

  8. Fraiser Brough says:

    We love united we do we love united we do . C’mon united doing swap deal with Madrid Rooney for Ronaldo

  9. tgee88 says:

    Those of the United fans

  10. tgee88 says:

    It’s always nice for a United fan when they play in London, they don’t have to fork out the train fare ;-D

  11. monkeybone2011 says:

    Was this first sung at Loftus Road we still beat United 4-1 at Old T we can always be proud of that and West London is a very Sexy place to live

  12. Liam Chantler says:

    what cockney accents can you hear you fucking mong

  13. JynxXGaMiNG says:

    Good to see carrick being appreciated. Deservedly so.

  14. Hisham Albaharna says:

    Yes, because about 700,000,000 people live in Manchester, right? 

  15. TheLjb28 says:


  16. theCypruswarrior says:

    Respect man, I’m a United fan.

  17. Niraj Kakade says:

    Oh really? Please tell me how many “LOCAL” players, play in your club?

  18. Premier League Bulgaria says:

    That’s stupid ! What if I am 2000 miles from Manchester ? I can’t be Man United Fan ?

  19. Manunited0210191 says:

    We shall not be moved

  20. amoacolombia7 says:

    Chant name 0:39 please???????????????????

  21. iamBlurr says:

    That’s just plain idiotic.

  22. Tom Dempsey says:

    i love how man u fans comes from london #fakefans support your local team not one 200 miles away

  23. Manunited0210191 says:

    Carrick does the pinpoint pass
    He defends and he attacks.

    My version.