Rio Ferdinand backs Extension of Alexis’s Contract

Rio Ferdinand reckons that the contract extension of Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal has to happen on his terms only and not on the terms of the Gunners because in the current situation, Sanchez is at the height of his ability, while, the Gunners are over-reliant on him and can’t do away with him.

As per Ferdinand, whatever demands Sanchez throws at the Gunners, those demands will have to be met. The Gunners wouldn’t want a separation because they know that if separation happens they are only going to be left half a team especially in terms of the goal-scoring threat that they are posing these days.

Sanchez’s contract is surely going to come up for a talk at some point in near future at the Emirates Stadium as the Chili international has entered the last quarter of his contract and Ferdinand says he would not be surprised if he gets to know that the striker has asked for a sum which Arsenal has never paid to any of its players.

In the opinion of Ferdinand, it’s a little bit about the ego of the player as well, not only Sanchez, but, any player. If any player feels that nobody else is matching the contribution that he is making for the team, then he might as well think that nobody should match him in terms of the salary as well and if there is any such thought in his mind, it’s fair enough too.

As many as twelve strikes have come off the boot of Sanchez in the tier one so far which is as much as what Diego Costa has struck for the Blues and more than what anyone else has struck for any other team. So he has kind of owned the season up to this point.