32 thoughts on “Michael Owen Misses Open Chance vs Barca’

  1. Don’t blame Obertan, Owen is shit.. he’s probably on about 60-80k a week and can’t even finish that, I dunno what SAF see’s in him, he hasnt been the same since he left Liverpool

  2. @USAFSmiley87 idk if it was a chip cuz he didnt kick it like you would with a chip
    but more of a lob

  3. @IrishPapaSmurf91 You do realize it’s a preseason game for BOTH teams, don’t you? They’re both fresh. And since when has “a preseason game” been an acceptable excuse for Barelona, or any team for that matter, to lose?

  4. @BeckhamFan2300 How am I trying so hard to get a thumbs up? I have had an account on youtube for about 2 or 3 weeks -_- Who honestly cares about thumbs up, i’m just expressing my opinion. Is that not what comment are for? Just shows that you are the only person who pointed that out, meaning ‘thumbs up’ is your hobby. Now, hush, that’s a good lad.

  5. To be fair this cross is much harder to hit than it looks….not to mention he scored the gamewinner? Stfu

  6. @ObserversTelescopes
    Lol , its a win . Good comment ! They dont now what it is to build a team with a cap salarial.

  7. those kinds of pass’s are hard to hit you have to hit it exactly right or it does that just saying

  8. @USAFSmiley87 he didnt chip the pass haha he passed it into the ground and it bobbled up :L

  9. @pwt10 a shit pass? have you ever played football you retarded motherfucker stop commenting when you started watching this sport yesterday

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