Frank Lampard – TOP 25 BEST GOALS EVER

Best English Footballers Video clip Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Frank Lampard – TOP 25 BEST GOALS EVER”

  1. thatsodave says:

    It’s gonna be sad when he retires. 🙁

  2. Sjorsieboy93 says:

    5:14 who’s david beckham?

  3. Sjorsieboy93 says:

    Still getting shivers from his goal against Munchen, remember that day i was watching

  4. Hinata1632 says:

    Puyol to this day still wonders how the hell he did that.

  5. 6billiondeaths says:

    @pukimaklusial Gerrard is the man who eclipses Lampard in every way. Lampard is a quality player but he has always played in a great team and he has never carried a teams burden… Gerrard has played in good teams but also mdeiocre teams and he has carried them to the greatness – he will always go down as the better player, no matter what Chelsea fans try and say.

  6. awsomejenandleah says:

    I’m A chelsea fan But I think the best goals are the most inportent one’s So tbh Lampards best goal is vs bolton 2005 because them 2 goals Won us the leauge That Day 🙂

  7. mrpotatohead1213 says:

    LOL 0:14

  8. weednsyrup says:

    i am a united fan, but have always admired frankie lampard. classy guy and a brilliant player, something to be admired.

  9. manuHYG1 says:

    Hahahahha Look at Puyol’s reaction in the last and the best Goal against Barca!!!!!!

  10. MAC10GUNNA says:

    in my opninon love him or hate him frank is probably the greatest midfielder in premier league history chelsea’s greatest EVER player and one of the best all round english players of all time thumbs up if you agree?

  11. turkurdurrrg says:

    fuck messi.

  12. pandurang81 says:


  13. zakaleiliffe9 says:

    he is the best football player to walk the earth, is there anything he can’t do?

  14. WHATISDIZ says:

    i got bored watching this video FUCK ME

  15. kingharris22 says:

    Ha, look at Puyols reaction for No.1 when it goes in

  16. DonJorge000 says:

    the legends of chelsea-LAMPARD-8 TERRY-26 DROGBA-11 CACH-1

  17. ImXiaoTiger says:

    3:31 how the hell did he make that curve with his right leg?

  18. 25GianfrancoZola25 says:

    No.12 … who was that against?

  19. 25GianfrancoZola25 says:

    FIFA 98 music!

  20. muhsstriker14 says:

    i always feel like crap cuz when you try to imitate play like him it’s NOT POSSIBLE! Frank Lampard is the best!

  21. yousef8x says:

    Lampard just blew my mind god damn The english kno wat ther doin in that midfeild haha

  22. tylerriku says:

    @1998lover christiano ronaldo was a pussy in the premier league

  23. Chelseafan4life1 says:

    @1998lover Cristiano Ronaldo is a winger or forward not a midfielder. So you are wrong.

  24. 1998lover says:

    @Chelseafan4life1 cristiano is the best mid fielder in history of premier league

  25. allandx008 says:

    — 1 of d best ! lampard is at its best behind the box