Michael Owen Goals!!

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25 Responses to “Michael Owen Goals!!”

  1. MrTomeh says:

    I’m a Man United fan and I think with should give Owen many more games in the Premier League even if it is just off the bench. He is a great finisher and Hernandez has got a way to go before he was Owen’s level at his age.

  2. muslimkiller12 says:

    Mint playe shud be starting for man u can do the exact same as hernandez just a tad slower but a better finisher

  3. markchidori says:

    Owen 4 ever my 2ยบ favourite player of futebool

    1ยบ Zidanne
    sorry Owen Fans ๐Ÿ™

  4. Knighthawk1985 says:

    Supported Everton as a Boy but played for Liverpool and Man United, Evertons’s biggest rivals what a cunt

  5. maximusmagnanimus100 says:

    Michael Owen is pure skill in motion, has the versatility to take passes, perhaps in some sense is better than Maradona.

  6. wladhoumti says:

    from Morocco , i respect this player was great and has wonderful skills

  7. Jakanakkanory says:

    @GriefTourist 19 you dick

  8. TheVerve480 says:

    “Do you think you’re better off alone”, Nah, clearly not Owen!

  9. Ivkiz90 says:

    What is the name that this song?? Someone can tell me … Nice song

  10. Ivkiz90 says:

    What is the name that this song?? Someone can tell me … Nice song

  11. GriefTourist says:

    where was he in istanbul
    muppet ha ha

  12. mattos000 says:

    @zhenyamos i think you’ll find most people dont actually want to see liverpool in any form therefore my statement is correct.

  13. lucasthom1 says:


  14. chivasgua27 says:

    this video is ironic because Liverpool is “You’ll never walk alone” this video has not one Liverpool goal in it and the song to the video is do you think you better off alone

  15. liamwitdre says:

    Wish Michael owen never had such a bad time with injuries… I’m pretty upset that my own fans booed him when he returned to St James park this season with Man U. A Player such as Owen should be respected everywhere he goes.

  16. mateloza24 says:

    song please ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. iTalalTube says:

    Best football player in my opinion. I just love this guy.

  18. GameMan53 says:

    @zhenyamos A Real Madrid fans one? Cos there all for England and Madrid.. One of Owens best goals was for Newcastle against Sunderland his amazing header..Why isn’t that in it either?

  19. wdotp says:

    I really hate those condescending comments on YouTube that attempt to get other users to vote them up.

    Thumbs up if you agree.

  20. troddsy says:

    turn that bloody noise off

    reckon eng. gone further with owen playing even i can admit that

    truly one of the best

  21. vanmaarwijk says:

    hes like an english patrick kluivert… great player but career ended too soon

  22. READ5757 says:

    Football star Michael Owen has released a new fragrance;

    It’s set to be called ‘My cologne ‘.

  23. LSM666 says:

    tis ashame hes shet now


    @zhenyamos relax man im just kiddin

  25. Wagnnnnner says:

    1:59 ~ 2:05