Michael Carrick

Leading English Footballers Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Michael Carrick”

  1. Simonlundify says:


    Hey dude! No his not “Fucking shit”… He is maybe englands most underrated defensive midfiedler! He is a beast at passing, and tackle!

  2. ivan4otopa says:

    @DougIIGB Well, he isnt a striker + SAF keeps him in a defensive position… WTF do u want???

  3. ferrarikingofcars says:

    @DougIIGB Yep totally agree with you there.

  4. zoccer7 says:

    whats the song used in this vid?

  5. Chris95H says:

    @DougIIGB Whats he won in 18 months? CUNT

  6. xenocollin says:

    @DougIIGB The tally of goals doesn’t matter. Carrick play as midfield, leave the scoring to someone else. He played such beautiful football in the past 3 months.

  7. DougIIGB says:

    england reject hasent scored for man united in 18 MONTHS hes fucking shit.

  8. rolandliuwailun says:

    @leemassey1 Arsenal’s defenders are wicked and weak and thats why they are always only at most SECOND best

  9. Dominoes911 says:

    He is one of the world best midfielders, he’s just inconsistent.

  10. leemassey1 says:

    Whos quality?? Vidic is wicked defender, rooney is wicked stirker. Thats it

  11. Abby1997mufc says:

    @leemassey1 no..the reason that united are top is because they have players with qulity…the players of which you have metioned..without them there would not evn be a real team!!


    Truth is… Michael is one of the most composed players out there, who always knows what he is doing.


    EFF U @chrispowellchelt @Dominoes911 @mying710 @gokdede @smokeybarr @danutd94 ….AND ALL THE OTHER CARRICK HATERS!

    Everyone…every TRUELY GREAT soccer player, has their slumps! REMEMBER ROONEY? he sucked for awhile, BUT LOOK AT HIM NOW! Now he’s the man!

    The point is…if they sell him now, they will just end up regretting it…ENOUGH SAID!

  14. chrispowellchelt says:

    michael carrick – what a dopey prick you are. niothing more needs to be said.

  15. Dominoes911 says:

    Now I no why everyone hates him, its because he gave the ball away to Man City today and gave them a goal.

  16. miebulu says:

    @mying710 no, u shit..carrick is tthe most creative Midfielder in EPL..he got package, tall, strong and creative..not like wilshere, craetive but too short and small..

  17. Dominoes911 says:

    Why does everyone hate him?

  18. mying710 says:

    @cradleoflinkinpark no Carrick is shit

  19. cradleoflinkinpark says:

    @gokdede Never he’s the kind of player i would never sell, he knows how to be a holding Midfielder and knows where the ball is. Carrick is a boss, Very unrated.

  20. gokdede says:

    @cradleoflinkinpark I would say like this…. Sell Carrick!

  21. leemassey1 says:

    Wot I mean the league ain’t great. Look at Liverpool worst season ever there 6th!! I meant pony as in crap!!

  22. smokeybarr says:

    This guy is fucking shit! And I’m a united fan.

    This compilation not only shows his best goals for United, but ALL of them!!


  23. danutd94 says:

    The worst player we’ve ever had. He’s a twat.

  24. cradleoflinkinpark says:

    Congrats on the new contract Micheal.

  25. jaguarclaw says:

    @leemassey1 Ronneys been playing awesome the past few games…he hasnt got much goals but hes setting a lot up for Berbatov.