Frank Lampard

Top English Footballers Video clip Rating: four / five

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26 Responses to “Frank Lampard”

  1. theiniestaxavimessi says:

    if i had one £1 for every pixel.. i would have £1

  2. Apoth3cary says:

    None of the English players are even any good….their national team sucks ass, and Barca will always beat Manchester Utd or any other English club team

  3. adamsurgey says:

    one word……. LEGEND!!!!!

  4. ellocoya says:

    this song suck

  5. smollik says:


    watch the promo of barcelona and porto watch?v=4hlI05FKMF4


  6. theluanvu says:

    Lampard + Drogba = Maaaaaaaany goals!

  7. lucy1996ilicous says:

    Ur having a larf aren’t ya?You stole them and want to sell to people on You Tube.
    What does someone who cook 4 OUR LEGEND doing on You Tube and lookin 4 his Video.

  8. Conjit2011 says:

    @Naaras1503 lampard

  9. playgamedota says:


  10. maximusmagnanimus100 says:

    Se desempeña como centrocampista y actualmente milita en el Chelsea F. C. de la Premier League de Inglaterra. Ha disputado 509 partidos con el Chelsea y ha convertido 170 goles, siendo el centrocampista con mayor cantidad de goles anotados en la historia del club. Es considerado uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo.6 7 8 9

  11. Naaras1503 says:

    @Conjit2011 steevee gee

  12. Naaras1503 says:

    @JoseGough suck, Gerrard’s goals is too much better than Lampards, so in any way, best midfielder in in the world is Zico, next David Beckham

  13. harrywhite123 says:

    favourite player of all time
    when he retires football will lose one of the greats

  14. PS3legends100 says:

    5:48 EPIC

  15. jellybeen619 says:

    i didnt know he could do tricks

  16. lampsy8thelegend says:


  17. lampsy8thelegend says:

    @MU51CIsAll Evaaaaaaaaarrr

  18. MU51CIsAll says:

    Best. Midfielder. Ever

  19. jmml20 says:

    i think that steven gerrard is better

  20. SELG88 says:

    i wish some players never get old.

  21. Conjit2011 says:

    who is better frank lampard or steven gerrard

  22. krisb33333 says:

    fake and gay. these goals dont even exist…look it up…

    thumbs down

  23. C0RINTHIANO10 says:

    so oque estraga o video é essa musica de macumbaria

  24. Lavabadger says:

    Fantastic video mate

  25. romycrack17 says:

    @UbbesenOO 8:50