26 thoughts on “Frank Lampard

  1. None of the English players are even any good….their national team sucks ass, and Barca will always beat Manchester Utd or any other English club team

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  3. @mybabyneco
    Ur having a larf aren’t ya?You stole them and want to sell to people on You Tube.
    What does someone who cook 4 OUR LEGEND doing on You Tube and lookin 4 his Video.

  4. Se desempeña como centrocampista y actualmente milita en el Chelsea F. C. de la Premier League de Inglaterra. Ha disputado 509 partidos con el Chelsea y ha convertido 170 goles, siendo el centrocampista con mayor cantidad de goles anotados en la historia del club. Es considerado uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo.6 7 8 9

  5. @JoseGough suck, Gerrard’s goals is too much better than Lampards, so in any way, best midfielder in in the world is Zico, next David Beckham

  6. favourite player of all time
    when he retires football will lose one of the greats

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