22 thoughts on “– Frank Lampard -Vs- Steven Gerrard – This Is Football– Full HD —

  1. @3501Productions Obviously Zidane rated him when he said he was the greatest player in the world

  2. @MHNA95 Lampard not a really box-to-box player,but he is fantastic in his passing.

  3. To all you delusional chelsea bastards!! Steven Gerrard is the complete midfielder. With out a shadow of a doubt. He can do anything you pretty much want him to do and has! Frank Lampard can pass a ball and score penalties ( with great power behind his shot). There is no sort of comparison between these two, cause steven gerrard wins hands down. go back to supporting west ham you glory hunting twats.

  4. When lampard wins a Champions league then talk. Gerrard is the complete midfielder

  5. Lampard vs Gerrard hahaha These two you can’t compare. Lampard is miles better, look at their records and skills. Lampard is amazing while Gerrard is good but
    not great. LFC need to stop overrating

  6. Long Distance shooting = Gerrard
    Finishing = Lampard
    Speed = Lampard/Gerrard
    Free Kick = Lampard/Gerrard
    Long Pass = Lampard
    Short Pass = Gerrard

    I think they are pretty much the same

  7. Lampard is easy better then Gerrard
    Free kick: Lampard
    Long pass & short pass: Lammpard
    FInishing: Lampard
    Heading: Both suck but Lampard
    Shooting: Lampard

  8. the story of the video is told at 1:45 when gerrard holds up the european cup followed by lampard holding the league cup LOL

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