24 thoughts on “Woy Was Wong: Michael Carrick

  1. I hate the fact that players these days can decide when they want to represent their countries. Carrick asked to be left out of the euros according to hodgson so why the fuck has he selected him now. I rate carrick as a player but you have to question his attitude. Especially when you’ve got wilshere, rodwell and livermore all itching to get in the national squad. what message does that send out to them?

  2. still fucking pissed off carrick wasnt selected… annoys me you get these FUCKING biased liverpool, city fans DID ANYONE SEE OZIL DESTROY Gareth barry in the world cup, roy hodgson was biased towards his liverpool counter-parts selecting downing and henderson? carrick is underrated.. WELL DONE ENGLAND DESTORYING ANOTHER QUALITY PLAYER’S CAREER

  3. Carrick is definitely not shit. People saying so, need to get their bloody eyes checked. He’s one of the best defensive midfielders in England.

  4. Carrick went to world cup in 2010 and didn’t play a single minute, now after being one of, if not the best central midfielders in the barclays premier leauge, he won’t even be garunteed first team action after the season he had? Not to mention he is englands best passer and all round midfielder, I’d retire
    from international football too if my country didn’t value or respect me the same way my club did

  5. Carrick basically had the choice of do I:
    a.) go to Poland and Ukraine and watch Gerrard give the ball away from the bench.
    b.) go on holiday with my family.
    What would you do?

  6. well henderson needs a better club than liverpool to get him to the england squad, he’d have been a sure pick had he have chosen man u over liverpool. he’s not ready, but im a france supporter so better for us haha

  7. I would have left him out too. Why have players there that don’t want to play, or will try to force their way on you. However, they should have called up Rio even if him and Terry have a thing going on.

  8. I agree that he shouldn’t have complained about it to an extent, however it’s not like he moaned or made a public ordeal of it, it was very quiet and respectful what he did.
    I want to play for England, but I don’t at all feel I should be selected ahead of Carrick. With situation-based exceptions, players should be picked on ability. Carrick has not done anything Tevez-esque, and is a far better player than the likes of Henderson.

  9. I’m no big Michael Carrick fan but he’s better than Gareth Barry. Stewart Downing is useless. Adam Johnson should have been included. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Henderson is shite. He’s young and has been playing for a struggling Liverpool side this season. I’d rather have Henderson over Barry any day. Micah Richards should be there instead of both G.Johnson and Kelly. That would free up a position in the squad to take an extra midfielder or an attacker. Sturridge should also be there.

  10. Henderson is shite in comparison, simple question who would you rather have in a short tournament, Carrick or Henderson?

  11. downing over sturrige,kelly over ferdinand and henderson over carrick…….what the hell is hodgson thinking of, england will fail horribly again like in south africa

  12. I agree Carrick is a quality player who for some reason gets a lot of abuse from ignorant football fans. Probably because he never seems to take a game by the scruff of the neck, but he’s miles better than Jordan Henderson who you can hardly dismiss as “utter shite.” He was good at Sunderland but the pressure of justifying his price tag and playing for Liverpool has hindered him.

  13. Agree with you on the most part but Henderson needs to grow so I guess it’s not his fault for being overpaid for and overhyped.

  14. Due to a recent fault at ea the Cesena, lecce and Empoli kits (serie a) quick sell for 325,582k.
    And I agree!!!

  15. I think Carrack is a knob if he said he said that. he should be happy sitting on the bench for England and if he moans he should never play for England. I don’t care if Henderson is shit the fact he WANTS to play for England that’s more than enough for me.

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