Theo Walcott | Wide Awake | Goals & Skills & Assists | 2013 | HD

Best English Footballers Video Score: four / five

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24 Responses to “Theo Walcott | Wide Awake | Goals & Skills & Assists | 2013 | HD”

  1. winnermarc7lp says:

    Nice vid !

  2. jamalakram15 says:


  3. jamalakram15 says:

    I’m wide awake!

  4. viciopa1998 says:

    Cover by Kait weston

  5. Firstefwefwef Lastefwfee says:

    who is the cover by?

  6. davilla721 says:

    Awesome, thanks. It didn’t sound like Katy Perry. What’s the name of the singer/cover?

    Thanks again.

  7. Jan Marquardt says:


  8. Namisel says:

    All this video shows me is that giroud is good at headers

  9. ImTheMainJefe says:

    it a cover i love her voice.

  10. davilla721 says:

    what version of ‘wide awake’ is this?

  11. f13united says:

    Nice vid

  12. Ignacio Valdez says:

    Nice man

  13. jackeduprabit says:


  14. coleperkinsisapimp says:

    make more please

  15. samans johnny says:


  16. Knight Hana says:

    loved it

  17. RealBadCartoons says:

    wat video editor did you use to make this?

  18. liemliem1961 says:

    this cant be real, u r incredible!

  19. annybunnyx says:

    wow you are really skilled!!!!!

  20. GameBoozter says:

    i can watch this a hundred times!!!!!

  21. Reggie James says:

    make more this is great!!!!

  22. EnduraCraft says:


  23. JerTheMan Ade says:

    more videos please

  24. Richard Parker says:

    thumbs up all the way!!!