Theo Walcott v Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: How does Arsenal’s new winger compare?

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25 Responses to “Theo Walcott v Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: How does Arsenal’s new winger compare?”

  1. Pinkertonist says:

    @rxs10000 He’s only 22 give him a break. He hasn’t even peaked yet.

  2. mattylikecoulter says:

    @Eman137 8-2

  3. elcelticojobro says:

    all young english players are far overprised and overrated, just look at the u21s this summer, just look at hendersson, bought for 15 million? not sure about the prise but what i am sure of that he was played of the park by the spannish central midfielder who is prised at less tha 2 mill. stop spending on useless englishman and french

  4. elcelticojobro says:

    @DAYDREAMER6677 ljungberg*

  5. ImBRZH says:

    Wait a year you can’t compare them yet Chamberlains goals are in the Championship were as Theos are against Barca and Premiership teams

  6. DAYDREAMER6677 says:

    @Eman137 Wenger is a disaster not ony will he not sign the players he desperaty needs, he wont even change tactics to suit his squads abiity, you can pay total football with Henry, Bergkamp, Viera and Lunjberg….not with Chamakh, Ramsey and Walcott.

  7. MrGilligano says:

    @k4mru7 You got smashed 8-2. He’s one of the best keepers in the world though, yeah? Arsenal RIP

  8. DMU24 says:

    @k4mru7 the penalty save world class

  9. sparkle24ish says:

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  10. 360Fewings says:

    Can i use this ?

  11. whitehawk38 says:

    why did you pay 15 million for a 17 year old and bid 6 million for gay cahill… Arsene is a brilliant man but i don’t undertstand his liking for young players

  12. k4mru7 says:

    @MrGilligano HURRRRR I added an extra E, that means my opinion is worthless right?
    Fucking hell you are stupid

  13. MrGilligano says:

    @k4mru7 Learn to spell Szczesny right, then i will listen to your opinion.

  14. SuperBoredGuy2 says:

    2:07 wtf kind of celebration is that lmao

  15. TaffTalk says:

    @eakhurst Probably could have bought, Mamadour Sakho, Jan Vertonghen or even Naldo for that price, each young an absolutly outstanding and willing to transfer to a bigger team and the Premier league.
    Bad desicion on Wengers part to pay so much for this players, and this is coming from a Manc.

  16. mahaman says:

    Hopefully he’ll be a better winger than walcott. Walcott should be a striker, at southampton he was amazing

  17. DeclanFrew92 says:

    Walcott hasn’t lived up to his potential and probably never will. Let’s hope Chamberlain does.

  18. EllBreezyMadFifa says:

    lol Alex Chamberlain was actually born in portsmouth and played for southampton why would he play for a rival

  19. Camzy90 says:

    Why are so many people saying Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is better than Theo? What has Alex ever done in the top flight? Because Theo Walcott is now one of our key players. Despite his injury luck, Walcott still managed to bag double figures last season and is proving to mature more and more every year. He can be frustating to watch at times but he’s proving more effective every year. Alex has a way to go

  20. drpoppabong says:

    @Eman137 bendtner aka (barry fucking useless) .. chamak can’t handle pressure

  21. drpoppabong says:

    @k4mru7 fabianksi is butter fingers an slow brained. Don vito is solid. woijech needs a superior!

  22. eakhurst says:

    a waste of money, 15 mil on an unproven league1 player which should of bought a proven world class defender who can stop every corner and freekick hitting the back of the net/ i think wenger should call it a day and

  23. FaLLeNoDeViL says:

    @LilSol360 yeh he is and im a saints fan and have seen walcott and chamberlain play for saints when they were both about the same age and overall i think chamberlain will be a much better player than walcott from what ive seen, his decision making is far better and his crossing beats walcotts any day.

  24. bloodfang07 says:

    Well Walcott is a sack of shit so chamberlain is better

  25. JingaRinga says:

    Doesnt Walcott want to play a more central striker type role for Arsenal and not on the wing