Everton manager David Moyes has said that he is extremely concerned about the hamstring problem Jack Rodwell was at the moment. Jack Rodwell has suffered his fourth hamstring injury of the season. He has been out of the first team action since January 4. Hamstring injuries usually take about a month to recover, but Jack Rodwell is yet to return to first-team action. This has seriously concerned Everton manager David Moyes, who has said that the situation with Jack Rodwell is extremely confusing. Despite being allowed extra time to recover from the injury, Jack Rodwell is yet to come anywhere close to full fitness.

This is not the first time Jack Rodwell has not been at 100%. The 20-year-old England midfielder has suffered a number of injury problems in the past. They have been the only limiting factor in preventing him from moving to a big club in very much the same way Wayne Rooney did in 2004. Prior to the injury problems surfacing, it was thought that Jack Rodwell could be worth around £ 30 million for Everton. However, it is highly unlikely that clubs will be prepared to pay such a huge amount of money for a player who is injured often.

“It is a big concern. In truth, we have given this injury longer than we should. He has done lots of extra work, lots of strengthening. He has had a week and half of football training. We were going to play a practice match here and I was going to maybe play him in that. Maybe it’s not too bad. We don’t know yet,” said the Everton manager. Despite the incredible number of injuries suffered to major players, Everton are doing well in the Premier league table. They are currently in the 10th position.