Michael Owen’s Best goals for Liverpool

Leading English Footballers Video clip Rating: four / five

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26 Responses to “Michael Owen’s Best goals for Liverpool”

  1. tomds99 says:

    hes wicked at chipping and shooting at tight angle

  2. liljacobxx says:

    when i was younger he used to be my fave player

  3. ricemasterhangle says:

    ‘Hattrick hunting, HATTRICK GETTING!!!’

  4. vpersie5 says:

    Wow he really effed up his career.

  5. PakmaNLFC says:

    he is better than every current england striker

  6. theCONNOISSEURS says:

    Put the video on mute after the first five goal because i assume that fukn annoying commentator will be there for the rest of the video

  7. xXRyzaXx says:

    should have stayed.

  8. 2Sexy4You66 says:

    MIChael owen is the best of the best :X fuck money fuck real madrid fuck MAN UtD LIVERPOOL IS THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!!!!!!

  9. Donkeyhawk says:

    @FMikeS MAN U supporters always fail when they start talking.

  10. WOODY50881 says:

    I cant believe it michael owen was so a world class player for liverpool and my favourite player now hes a shadow of himself for man utd he should go to a smaller club.

  11. HoskinsHoskins222 says:

    I would have loved to see what happened if he stayed at Liverpool… Great striker!

  12. spothedog1 says:

    nice commentating lol

  13. FMikeS says:

    the best goal in red shirt was againt man city in 7th minute in injury time for MANCHESTER UNITED!! 😀

  14. gcfc123 says:

    a true legend for liverpool come back 2 anfeild……..stevie gerrard,michael owen,emile heskey,and robbie fowler are class i want 2 c them on same team again…… 🙁 gary c

  15. TheNorvegicus says:

    The lesson is: English players; don’t go to Spain.

  16. jasper2008ify says:

    Liverpool – Michael Owen, Emile Heskey, Steven Gerard. Damn I loved watching that team.

  17. khyakk says:

    thumbs up if u think Michael Owen needs to see this and come back to Liverpool.

    * not a Liverpool fan *

  18. kaisqais says:

    Name of the songs?

  19. Nez0rf says:

    i’m a Naples fan , but i have always admired the brilliant game by michael owen . one of my favourite english players ever .

  20. MrYobelt says:

    dosent he look like our captain (stevie G)

  21. thomasfk09 says:

    did you commentate every single one of his goals?

  22. LameirasPina says:

    Pure striker…

  23. fredi270298 says:

    please I need the link to Owen’s goal from 1:11 to 1:21 seconds.
    I hope the link.

  24. cannabiogen1984 says:

    awesome video from the best English player in last 20 years !!! he is the best finisher . Owen makes the worst decisition leaving Anfield …
    best strikers : Ronaldo -Romario – Owen – Batigol
    An owen fan from Buenos AIres
    Legalize it !!

  25. ralphdesouzaa says:

    Owen was born for Liverpool….. I just love him….. thanks assistmaster9 for bringing back such lovely memories

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