26 thoughts on “Michael Owen’s Best goals for Liverpool

  1. Put the video on mute after the first five goal because i assume that fukn annoying commentator will be there for the rest of the video

  2. MIChael owen is the best of the best :X fuck money fuck real madrid fuck MAN UtD LIVERPOOL IS THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!!!!!!

  3. I cant believe it michael owen was so a world class player for liverpool and my favourite player now hes a shadow of himself for man utd he should go to a smaller club.

  4. I would have loved to see what happened if he stayed at Liverpool… Great striker!

  5. the best goal in red shirt was againt man city in 7th minute in injury time for MANCHESTER UNITED!! 😀

  6. a true legend for liverpool come back 2 anfeild……..stevie gerrard,michael owen,emile heskey,and robbie fowler are class i want 2 c them on same team again…… 🙁 gary c

  7. Liverpool – Michael Owen, Emile Heskey, Steven Gerard. Damn I loved watching that team.

  8. thumbs up if u think Michael Owen needs to see this and come back to Liverpool.

    * not a Liverpool fan *

  9. i’m a Naples fan , but i have always admired the brilliant game by michael owen . one of my favourite english players ever .

  10. please I need the link to Owen’s goal from 1:11 to 1:21 seconds.
    I hope the link.

  11. awesome video from the best English player in last 20 years !!! he is the best finisher . Owen makes the worst decisition leaving Anfield …
    best strikers : Ronaldo -Romario – Owen – Batigol
    An owen fan from Buenos AIres
    Legalize it !!

  12. Owen was born for Liverpool….. I just love him….. thanks assistmaster9 for bringing back such lovely memories

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