Michael Owen – My England debut – FATV

Top English Footballers Video Score: five / five

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25 Responses to “Michael Owen – My England debut – FATV”

  1. lialiathelock says:

    Damm. remembered him. He was my one and only fav in the england team. Watching him play is just so exciting. Pity about that injury 🙁 but still <3

  2. DonforDead says:

    Owen has never had a team, his only club is England!

  3. sailendrathapa1 says:

    Definitely………if given chance Owen is gonna prove that he still possess the touch of brilliance he had. He will break the record of Sir Bobby Charlton if given chance. He was, is, and will be my #1 striker of all time.

  4. Ropa233 says:

    Didn’t know they actually got caps lol

  5. yeovil50 says:

    @BobTheGamerUK I think Owen was not exactly strapped for cash before he signed for Newcastle!!.

    He had a 4 year contract at Newcastle and saw out that contract. He had release clauses in his contract – but never used it! At times the Newcastle board didn’t make him feel very welcome did it?. for example the Freddie Shepherd comment of ” “I’ll carry him back to Liverpool myself ” when asked if he would allow Owen to return to Liverpool.

  6. BobTheGamerUK says:

    @yeovil50 Nice guy? “I’d rather be at a top club not playing regulary then playing week in week out at a small club.. been there, didn’t enjoy it”.

    Newcastle United gave him everything and spent a fortune to bring him there, and made him a very rich man. Disgraceful comments, not very “nice” at all.

  7. trip3l2008 says:


  8. nwi17 says:

    MY FAV!!! when i was a 10 years old kid!!! still have the pic of Owen wearing green Carlsberg Liverpool away jersey

  9. yeovil50 says:

    Top player and really nice guy. I wish we could find another 17 year old with the ability of Owen again!..

  10. purerko1 says:

    One of the best strikers of history sad that he had that injury

  11. IDante1Savage says:

    Top player, top guy.

  12. hereistand2008 says:


  13. gcarlosraul says:

    Owen, get back to England

  14. sumfinorother says:


  15. hellrider505 says:

    Good player glad hes at man utd

  16. mendoza00721 says:


  17. TheOriginalCM says:

    @rednech23 They didnt ruin his career.. If so how?

  18. TheOriginalCM says:

    In the description there is a typo its Debut not ‘Devbut’ LOL

  19. rednech23 says:

    what a player he was its a shame injury and real madrid ruined his career

  20. Chris11Caz says:

    Michael Owen, what a player!

  21. vThompson360 says:

    @nampuuku I have something that will confuse you being a united fan and all a map of manchester.

  22. lilbigbrow says:

    @SkittleFusion back off bitch am ferst

  23. SkittleFusion says:

    @nampuuku umad?

  24. nampuuku says:

    @SkittleFusion shows how people who say “1st” are unintelligent. Go back to preschool

  25. Mustkillzombies says:

    @SkittleFusion its 1st