Michael Owen Manchester United Memories – 22.03.2013

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14 Responses to “Michael Owen Manchester United Memories – 22.03.2013”

  1. Izzy Stone says:

    Owen <3 Forgiven, and never forgotten <3

  2. Chris Oh says:

    Thank you Owen!

  3. Atak31 says:

    Yes you are!

  4. Nathan Donnelly says:

    When he signed I was really excited and wen he scored the goal against City his name went on the back of my top Micheal Owen <3

  5. blockbuster1955 says:

    Mugged football off Big time for years.

  6. Arafa MUFC says:

    So what? We think he gave us the best moments & a reason to remember the name!

  7. bremner0444 says:

    Newcastle legend

  8. nolsonphilip55 says:

    Stoke Legend.

  9. ThoughtSomeBox says:

    His best days were at Liverpool.

  10. Luke McFarlane says:

    I consider him a man utd legend

  11. MrOldtraford says:

    thank you M.Owen United legend

  12. bremner0444 says:

    Never trust a person who speaks in the third person
    What a tit.

  13. bremner0444 says:

    Played for Man utd.how many games? How many games for Stoke,how many games at Newcastle?
    He had 2good seasons at Liverpool and scored one great goal for England
    Been mugging football off ever since.what a joke

  14. Tweezyman1 says:

    We love and respect you Michael ! GGMU