25 thoughts on “Michael Carrick vs Real Madrid By Markg541

  1. Good video but i think you should show more of he’s defensive work

  2. 2:00 That was a fucking straight red card but this fucking idiot referee
    did not give it.He didn’t let to play the corner kick in the last minute
    either.What a twat he was!

  3. But 10 Messis in a team would win matches? It’s so sad that football is
    often reduced to scoring goals and many people don’t see the tactical
    aspects … -,-

  4. Arsene Wenger: “I would choose Carrick (for the PFA Player of the Season
    award). He could play for Barcelona”

  5. well carrick has been the CM for the past 6 or so years and was during the
    times of 2006 – 2009 which was said to be the best man utd team of all
    time. so he cant be as bad as youre saying. he was at the heart of the
    pitch for all those years and won all those trophies.

  6. Football matches should be won by the team, not a player. Sure Messi/
    Ronaldo can win a few matches by themselves, but can they drag the whole
    team through the season? I don’t think so. Carrick is one of the best
    mid-fielder in English football after Scholes and Gerrard passed their
    prime. But English football style doesn’t rely on midfield as much as
    German or Spanish, that’s why he’s underrated.

  7. @S Davies (I’ve watched basically every match Carrick has played in in the
    last six years and he is a fine flat track bully – passable against PL
    fodder who don’t press. Against the big guns, he wilts, not just because he
    is mentally weak, but mostly because he is technically poor. You’re the
    sort of supporter who wears rose tinted specs and would probably say he’s
    better than Busquets!)

  8. dont get how he just walks into the team.not bad but not good enough for
    european football. If he dosent have great players around him to do the
    business hes about as usless as a car with no wheels

  9. Why you getting so annoyed? I thought we were having an interesting
    discusion with are different opinions. Its clear to see you are an ignorant
    and aragant person who is only interested in what you think and everyone
    else is wrong. Yes many talents havent achieved big things such as Gazza
    who was a very good player but the only thing he won of note was the FA cup
    and the SPL but that does not takeaway he was class. Medals dont = top
    players as football is a team game.

  10. kagawa needs time he was bundesleaguer (cant spell) players of the year. Is
    that christian erikson? the dane that has been compared to the laudrup

  11. @S Davies Any idiot can say that when they don’t agree. Try engaging your
    brain when you argue.

  12. England have lost out on ignoring his services best midfielder in prem this
    year no doubt

  13. @SnipeRRiffle1337 I can play that game too – you are thick as pig shit and
    are blind to the team’s deficiencies. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to
    agree with every choice the club makes or rate every player. Describing
    Carrick as the ‘best midfielder in the EPL’ demonstrates how pitiful your
    ‘knowledge’ is.

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