25 thoughts on “Michael Carrick Talks England: Is He Underrated? Comment Below

  1. He’s underrated because he’s English and plays for Man United. If he was
    Spanish or Italian. People wouldn’t think twice about his ability.

  2. Gareth Barry is awful. Can’t believe you mentioned him. Shouldn’t of left

  3. Have you been watching football this season?? because Carrick has been
    there best player and is 3rd in assist for them, plus wasn’t he nominated
    for pfa awards??

  4. Considering i live around manchester, i’ve probably met more blues than
    you. Speak to any decent city fan who understands the game and watches them
    every week, they will 100% disagree with you. He doesn’t add much to the
    team in an attacking sense, THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM SHIT!. ffs, your a moron,
    are you not understanding my point? there is another side to the game than
    the attack! Yeah but he pissed his talent away with the alcohol, scholes
    more consistent with a better understanding of the game

  5. so? disproves his claims that xavi only ever makes useless horizontal
    passes doesn’t it?

  6. i still think england can fine better than carrick,rooney,rio,andy carroll
    and a few others.there is too much talent in england to be depending on
    these guys.i believe some brave manager needs to step up and tell the
    english media to let me make my choice.

  7. Your reply only shows you haven’t seen many United games in general and
    Carrick’s in particular….

  8. Poor Boy hahaha but he felt happy when this guy told him Gerrard & Lampard
    have failed to play together! n he’s available & can do it i swear you
    could tell from his looks that he was happy! Am happy to share birthday
    with this guy he’s so cool & talented!

  9. Yeah because a Lampard and Gerrard midfield has done us so much good.
    Carrick – Wilshere and then someone in front of them who deserves it. If
    that’s Gerrard or Frank, so be it. Carrick and Jack should be the mainstay.

  10. he is not underated. He is an ok player. He dosent win these titles for man
    utd, man u would still win these titles without him. He dosent get picked
    for england because he wouldnt add anything. He is slow, cant run, cant
    score goals, cant dribble, has no skill. It is easy for him as he has great
    players around him. In the monenegro game recently he was clueless and
    couldnt do anything as he didnt have great players around him making great
    runs. when he gets the ball it looks like he wants to-

  11. Carrick is a defensive minded midfielder whilst Mata is an attacking
    forward so not really logical stats!

  12. Carrick’s assists for chicharito against Newcastle in the PL and Chelsea in
    the FA Cup were both contenders for pass of the season

  13. You’re the one who couldn’t answer my question and resorted to sarcasm, if
    you could choose any midfield pair in the world, what would it be?

  14. yes he is good but the players he has to compete agaist are better choices.
    england are full of midfielders

  15. As a united fan i feel gerrard is the better player, but i am really
    enjoying watching Carrick playing this season, I just think Lampard and
    Gerrard have overshadowed him.

  16. Barry and Carrick would be the best duo in the world. You have made me see
    sense now. xxxxxxxx

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