Michael Carrick – Passing Master – HD By S-S

Prime English Footballers Online video Ranking: four / five

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11 Responses to “Michael Carrick – Passing Master – HD By S-S”

  1. Georgiko Seding Onose says:

    Michael Carrick – Passing Master – HD By S-S: http://youtu.be/yykF2QBZk5E

  2. 10nickthered says:

    It’s Carrick unoooo it’s hard to believe it’s not Scholes

  3. michael richard says:

    michael Carrick is the English Xavi.

  4. Unknown Error says:

    Do not watch if you have epilepsy.

  5. E11i77 says:

    Remind me again why the fuck people think Gerrard is better????

  6. MULTILIAM92 says:

    Why did it start off with The Wyatt Family Theme song?

  7. Sơn Lê says:

    good boy !

  8. asterx5 says:

    U mad inesita

  9. SSSiriwatStudio says:

    This song is name Upper West – Slow down

  10. bSneijder90 says:

    what’s song in clip? plz

  11. Anna Kruk says:

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