Lampard 24 goals in a season 2012-2013

Top English Footballers Movie Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Lampard 24 goals in a season 2012-2013”

  1. CdawiSharkPark says:

    Best player in the Chelsea!!!

  2. ไอ่พล เฉยไม่เป็น says:

    6.00 song??

  3. Brandon Hamilton says:

    please watch my video and leave a comment im starting to make videos

  4. BurningEnigma1 says:

    nice video but wrong music selection I guess.

  5. Qwerty Qwerty says:


  6. Ihsan Muhammad says:

    True Legend 3

  7. Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye says:


  8. Atiyk Ahmeed says:

    Wats the song

  9. MrGuvic says:

    My blue hero <3

  10. Alakshyender singh says:

    please try to keep the commentary with the goals in the background if
    possible.. thanks..:)

  11. Jany CFC says:

    3:17 Frank Lampard: I love you all….. :’) #Legend

  12. torfuschka says:


  13. crowle21 says:

    what peace of software or editing did you use to make this video

  14. MrFootballer360 says:

    Frankie Lamps, greatest midfield player on this planet.

  15. BeAsT'mz MoDeFagzlol says:


  16. Illia20 says:

    Thx for this video! LIVING LEGENG – Super Frankie Lampard! <3

  17. Chris Lepp says:

    SHITTY SONG!!! the first one

  18. torfuschka says:

    Pink – Try Pink – Blow Me Basshunter – All

  19. nina4home says:

    Very good video.

  20. Сергей Иванов says:

    но при этом удар идет по низу и очень сильный поэтому вратарю сложно

  21. Tuấn Lê Minh says:

    thanks for making this terrific video, best clip i ever see ^^

  22. Vanya BeSt says:

    с пенальти лемпард бьот всегда в право заметили)))

  23. Вадим Башаров says:

    da)no s takoi sili 4to xren poimaew

  24. Quang Lê says:

    L8 no.1

  25. MrTatoo99 says:

    what’s name song ?