8 thoughts on “Jason McAteer – Michael Owen Burned His Bridges At Liverpool When He Joined Man United

  1. Once a MANC always a PREM WINNER – Get it up ya Dipper – Fkn Looooooove it – Cuts like a Knife hey – So SweeeeeeeeeT.

  2. Personally I am an arsenal fan not a liverpool fan, Rodgers wont be given a chance just like every liverpool manager is who a expected to pull off a top three finish! every season

  3. Jas is it – Bwaaaahhahhahhahhahhahha Another pool legend – PMSL – Mickey would’nt fit in at the SHITHOLE now anyway DIPPER – He’s a Prem Lge WINNER –

  4. why the fuck do some fans think benitez is a messiah? He was good, but always had a blank cheque going into every season and usually bought shit players with the exception of 1 or 2, give Rodgers a break!

  5. Micheal owen is awful, hes injury records speaks for himself I dont think any club even in league three would want to take a player which such high wage bills and with a lack of playing time, owen shud retire hes clearly past it, if liverpool buy it would be the worst buys ever, I personally think liverpool shud get benetiz back he wud have kept caroll

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