Jack Rodwell Becomes An Asset For His Team

Most football players suffer several injuries on the field, but many often overlook the impact of the same on their mental state and confidence levels when they get back to playing.

ndeed, some injuries can be so difficult to recover from that they rob the players of their confidence to get back to playing their best on the football field. Jack Rodwell has been able to overcome such a problem and that is commendable for sure.

As he is one of the players who are currently playing the major league games, it is time to look back and see the obstacles he had to overcome in order to get back to an international playing front. Jack Rodwell had been plagued with several injuries since he signed up for the Sunderland team.

Indeed, some players suffer more injuries than others on the playing field and Rodwell has had his share of challenges. He is known for the midfielder positions he takes up and has played for Everton team as well. He came to Sunderland from Manchester City in the year 2014. However, with the kind of injuries he faced there were several psychological scars as well, which he had to heal from. Sam Allardyce stated that the psychologist sessions that he underwent helped him to find himself and get back his old confidence level on the playing field. He was brought into the team for an amount of 10 million pounds. However, he started off with several injuries. Indeed, it reached an instance when he received about 50 injections in a span of 5 days in order to recover from different injuries. Roswell had the makings of a leader and a captain position was also being fought around him for the England team. However, last season had been difficult for him, but he has now recovered from the same.