Injuries are hampering Jack Rodwell’s progression

Jack Rodwell joined Sunderland on August of 2014 but the time that he has spent in the Stadium of Light has been a disappointing one as the English midfielder has struggled trying to get consistent playing time and this is mostly due to the vast amount of injuries that he continues on picking up.

There was a point in time when Rodwell was hailed as one of the brightest players to have emerged from the youth academy of Everton but a string of successive injuries have forced him to stay out of the playing ground for a significantly long period of time.

Sam Allardyce needs all the help he can get in order to push Sunderland above the relegation zone. The Premier League club has been struggling trying to collect victories at a steady level and is currently located in the 19th spot after only being able to win 5 matches from their opening 22 games.

Unfortunately for Rodwell, he has not been able to make a significant impact and help out Sunderland in their journey of escaping the bottom drop zone.

The English midfielder recently made his way to Germany as he visited the former Bayern Munich doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wolhlfahrt as Rodwell was trying to find out why exactly is he sustaining so many physical issues but things haven’t been improving much as injuries is something that has always troubled Rodwell and it has seriously affecting his growth as a professional player.

There is no club in the world that is willing to offload money in a player who is consistently getting injured.

‘’I’ve been to see the same doctor and the man is a genius as you will do anything to try to be fit. I went to America, chased across Europe, all over the country here. That’s what you do and once you have a couple of these injuries, your body is thrown out of its natural order and the risks spiral. I broke my ankle playing for England in Euro 96 and played on the following season in pain for Liverpool. I was running differently, trying to protect my ankle and that caused my legs to bow and for the damage to infect my knee and my back’’ Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell said as he revealed some of the things that he has recently been doing in an attempt to solve his string of injuries.

If Rodwell continues to struggle with injuries, there is a possibility of Sunderland putting him up in the transfer market as the Premier League club needs players who can make an impact in the team and help them survive for another season in the top tier English League.