Frank Lampard – Unstoppable – By Feroze

Top English Footballers Video clip Score: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “Frank Lampard – Unstoppable – By Feroze”

  1. adamlynchisledge says:

    Make another lampard video

  2. Harry Meester says:

    you should make a video for lampard breaking the goalscoring record

  3. David T says:

    Frank Lampard is better than Gerrard!!!!

  4. AwesomeElia says:

    god bless you and your vids man, you make me cry man :’)

  5. adylinkinpark says:

    NO ONE deserves it. No one, remember.

  6. gpetrovz says:

    congratulations on making the “blue history”

  7. Higor Rangel says:


  8. Greg Betakin says:

    i am about to cry

  9. SmithYeezy says:

    Super Frank Has done it! 203 goals for Chelsea and hopefully more to come! Absolute legend.

  10. Terry Blue says:

    Legend Blue!!!!!
    Super Frank Lampard

  11. chikanwan says:

    203 Goals! Super Frank you LEGEND!!!

  12. SuperFrankie Lampard says:

    203 goals! Record breaker, history maker. Legend. top scorer in Chelseas history, 4th premier League top scorer. ALL FROM MIDFIELD. Legend!!!!!!!!

  13. marcus choy says:

    Lampard is just so awsome he never stops training

  14. TheEchoBlind says:

    Best midfielder ever, fuk messi fuk ronaldo can they score tht many goals in midfield in his position… I think not!!!

  15. David Scarton says:

    Minute 3:45

    The three pillars of “The Blues”. =’)

  16. Felipe Santana says:

    Fat Frank’s on a roll! Only joking, anyway where did the Fat Frank jokes come from?

  17. cyrus luther says:

    fuck to gerrad and xavi..lampard best then geraad an xavi..

  18. Jose Manuel Martínez says:

    My favourite player ..the legend frank lampard 😉

  19. InfamousBryn24 says:

    God, I love Super Frank….

  20. Merlin Alvarado says:

    I just love super legend

  21. Cypriot Buddy says:

    200 goals for Chelsea. Super Frankie Lampard!

  22. Viktor CFC says:

    and he deserves it!

  23. grimmjow jaggerjaques says:

    @GrizzyGe is garbage

  24. GrizzyGe says:

    Gerrard gerrard gerrard!