19 thoughts on “Frank Lampard on the World Cup & Wembley | England v Switzerland – Euro 2012 qualifier 04-06-11

  1. hello all

    I have got one of chelsea legends (an english player) some of hes unwanted memoriables ….such as match of the man champagne bottle ,chelsea teams away suit (armani with chelsea logo on it) etc if your interested please send me a message ..i just want to give (sell) them to reall die heart supporters …i dont put them on the e-bay because that would be more commercial and its not fair for the reall supporters of chelsea .thanks for reading
    ps: leave your email addres pls

  2. @TheSamee age doesnt matter when your a england legend, look at becks, owen and teddy sheringham – england legend who played till 40, we arent getting a great deal of talent in the youth team but our lads can still play full games week in week out.

  3. @TheSamee nah i think it is because of that facial hair and he kinda looks up which then those wrickles appear.

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