Frank Lampard on the World Cup & Wembley | England v Switzerland – Euro 2012 qualifier 04-06-11

Leading English Footballers Video Rating: 4 / five

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19 Responses to “Frank Lampard on the World Cup & Wembley | England v Switzerland – Euro 2012 qualifier 04-06-11”

  1. mybabyneco says:

    hello all

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  2. xJrWz says:

    @TheSamee age doesnt matter when your a england legend, look at becks, owen and teddy sheringham – england legend who played till 40, we arent getting a great deal of talent in the youth team but our lads can still play full games week in week out.

  3. britpopperz says:

    Come on england!

    insha allah

  4. majorwarren says:

    I think its just the tan and the Hd camera

  5. TheKingOfKingsEM says:

    @TheSamee nah i think it is because of that facial hair and he kinda looks up which then those wrickles appear.

  6. jonkftw says:

    @TheSamee It’s because he is..

  7. ljb265 says:

    Terry, Cole, Lampard, Gerrard = Englands best

  8. TheAnfieldOne says:

    reckon he will start since gerrard is out…

  9. gogogaga51 says:

    still he rules

  10. bonesethero says:


  11. alexdehaan1 says:

    gotta love lamps

  12. Zingzing426 says:


  13. TheSamee says:

    He’s starting to look old.

  14. Can we have news on Ronaldo?

  15. Schmeichel was the world’s best

  16. Time for Claudio Lopez to return

  17. Inter Milan says:

    Have you heard the rumours

  18. Where can I play in Manning