100 Players Who Shook The Kop – #14 – Michael Owen

Leading English Footballers Movie Score: 5 / five

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14 Responses to “100 Players Who Shook The Kop – #14 – Michael Owen”

  1. Urdnot Wrex says:

    he’s proved to become the clear difference between a good player who played
    for Liverpool and a Liverpool legend!

    A good player who played for Liverpool; is simply a top class player who
    wore the shirt, did his job and moved on
    A Liverpool Legend; is someone who was not only a top class player but who
    fought for the cause and was loyal even when he didn’t wear the shirt!!!

    Fowler, Rush, Xabi Alonso, Mascherano etc were top class players FORCED to
    leave but who still loved the club!

    Owen, Torres, Keegan etc were top class players who CHOSE to leave for
    their own selfish desires!

    Owen gave us good memories, but choosing to leave because he thought he was
    “too good” for Liverpool FC instead of fighting to put us up there again
    and you’ll get no sympathy or respect from the fans!

    Plus he never even scored 20 goals in a season! Just occasional big goals
    and had a decent bit of speed! Had the potential but never fully filled it

    Could have been a legend if he’d not prioritised England over Liverpool and
    POSSIBLY could have been forgiven for leaving if he hadn’t joined the enemy
    who must not be named!!

  2. Mike JH says:

    Why are a lot of Liverpool fans not England fans?

  3. nikz200 says:

    ill be fair to owen, he was a marvelous young player who scored so many big
    goals for us during that spell when we were starting to win trophies again.
    But Michael just never did anything afterwards to try and make up for it.
    He had a chance to come back to us and play, but instead chose United, a
    team who he knows we disagree on . He had other offers than United but
    chose that, and said some things against us….. I will always appreciate
    Michael as a wonderful footballer, but…..

  4. Aidan Dean-Jones says:

    I crossed him off my list as soon as he put on that united kit.

  5. joperhop says:

    Judas should be removed from Liverpool history!

  6. jinsenthebest says:

    @mrvideouploads1, suarez wasn’t here when they made this

  7. kopite12 says:


  8. TheLegendfamily says:

    Take a look at the names above him on the list and remember that the ‘Pool
    have had quite a few stellar talents over the years: King Kenny, Emlyn
    Hughes, Kevin Keegan, etc.

  9. mateusz dzeiniszewski says:

    Jeden z najlepszych napastników na świecie

  10. mrvideouploads1 says:


  11. daftpablo says:

    ok. yeah, sorry, but was my 1st impresion on seen him. i guess he’s a nice
    guy and good journalist.

  12. daftpablo says:

    i dont get how he isnt in the top 10?? Carragher over him???

  13. daftpablo says:

    what does mean ‘Liverpool Echo’? on the ligh blue fag who is speaking.

  14. Janko Sladović says:

    The Echo is Liverpool’s most popular newspaper. Also, there is no reason to
    call him a “fag”.